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Some photos are better appreciated when they are freed from the paper - that is one of the main reasons why many people get their photography transferred onto canvas nowadays.

Photo onto canvas is a relatively new service from all digital photo printing companies that you may want to try. In general, this service makes for an ideal souvenir, especially for photos that you want to show off and treasure.

Here, we explore more about the photo to canvas service on offer from Any Size Picture Frame.

It is important that the canvas chosen is of the highest quality to ensure that your photos will last for a long time. At Any Size Picture Frame, we ensure that the canvas is heavyweight and acid-free, which gives you the perfect material for an excellent, detailed, and sharp print. We also ensure that your photography stays clear when transferred on to canvas, as you do not want to lose any of the detail in the process.

We do the above by making sure that we use the right amount of coating will protect your photo and the canvas from contaminants and other elements.

Unlike paper, having photography on a canvas adds texture to the photos, giving them a more artistic appeal. It is a good thing that the quality and technology of ink jet canvas are improving, giving way for a higher-resolution output.

Another reason to print your photos onto canvas is that canvases are extremely strong. Therefore, it will not rip easily, which is important as you do not want to give somebody a gift or have a canvas that will damage.

Getting your picture onto a canvas is simple – in fact, it is a three-step process. All you need to do is upload your photo or scanned art here. Simply select the size that you want, and then you can customize your frame or select from one of a number of readymade picture frames available on our site.

Another advantage in printing your photos on canvas is that it is cheaper than paper in the majority of cases. Since you do not need to pay for the matting, glass covering, or framing of a canvas print, it is actually less expensive than framing an image on paper as that requires framing and matting if you want to create an equally impressive display.

If you are interested in printing some of your most treasured photos on canvas, you have come to the right place. At Any Size Picture Frame, we are one of the leading companies offering a cost-effective photo onto canvas service using the above techniques. Therefore, do not delay; ask us about our photo to canvas service today.

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