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Measuring Advise :

  • Your need a tape measure, pen and paper
  • You can provide your measurements in mm, cm or inches
  • You will get imperial measurements (eg 12" x 10") these are mostly standard sizes.
  • All picture frames have a lip/rebate which will overlaps your picture, this can varies from moulding to moulding
  • We recommend you measure your artwork, picture or photo twice, or check with someone else's measurement to see if they match.
  • Use a tape measure instead of a ruler for longer items
  • If you have few items to measure, keep each item clearly separated from the next
  • If your item is in a frame, we ask for you to take the item out then measure
  • If you need Picture With a Mount, measure the picture as normal, We will automatically take off 5mm on each side.

How to measure picture frame with a mount?

A picture mount is the mount card that surrounds the artwork inside the picture frame. We cut the mount window opening according the size of the artwork you want to see in the frame. To measure your picture, first lay flat on a table measure its width and height in cm, mm or inches which ever your feel confusable with as our latest online picture framing studio accepts all forms of measurements. IF you have any extra white boarders or areas on the picture, you don’t want to show, please do not include them into your measurement.

How to measure for a replacement frame?

If you already have a picture frame at home, and you only need the frame changing? All you need to do is measure the width and height from the inside of the current frame glass. We will make the frame approx 2mm bigger so the new frame will slot into the glass that you already have.

How to measure for mounts only (you have got a frame)

We need two lots of measurements from you :
  • The external size, this is the inside of the frame, best way to get this measurement is to open the frame from the back, and measure the width and height of the glass.
  • The internal size, this is the picture size. So measure the picture from width and height and we will automatically take off 5mm on each side, this is to stop the picture from falling through the mount, we will adjust the thickness of the mount once we receive these 2 sets of measurements.

Our Online Picture Framing Service

We have developed the easiest step-by-step online picture framing website on the Internet today.


Using the Barclays EPDQ payment system, for safe and secure online payments

Out Online Picture Framing Studio

We have developed an online picture framing software that gives you options to change every level of your picture frame, to the degree that would satisfy a professional user like photographers and artists yet keep it simple and easy to use for home users. Our online framer gives you high level of easy functionality and user features whist remaining fast and simple to use.

Manufacturing times

We use the latest computerised picture framing equipment. Giving us the quickest turn around times without compromising quality. With our team of expert picture framers We can ensure you that your picture frames will be produced with the highest quality.


Delivery is an important point when you’re buying online. Most of us spend our days at work and are not available to be at home to sign for a parcel, or if we are we don’t want to wait in all day for the knock on the door. Our deliveries are done via UK mail and they will call or text you an hour prior delivery. We can post to your home or work, which ever suits you.


We send all picture frames specially made wooden cases to grauntee it arrives is perfect condition.

Picture Frame Product Photography

All our picture frame mouldings are professional photographed in our in-house photo studio; this is to ensure they are as close a likeness to what you receive as possible. You should also be aware that different PC, phone or tablet screen might display slightly different.


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Here’s what’s included with your Picture Frame

The Frame, UV ultra clear protective acrylic glass (lighter than normal glass). Acid free MDF backing, Fixtures and fittings to insert your artwork into the frame. Also the option to hang landscape or portrait
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